The World of Bitcoin

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The World of Bitcoin – Surprising Uses and Future Implications

Course Description:

This course explores the diverse applications and potential impact of Bitcoin beyond its traditional use as a digital currency. Students will delve into the fascinating world of Bitcoin, uncovering unexpected ways it is being utilized and how it can shape our future. The course will cover various real-world examples and examine the transformative potential of Bitcoin in sectors such as finance, technology, governance, and social impact.

1. Understand the foundational concepts and principles of Bitcoin.

2. Identify and analyze surprising use cases of Bitcoin beyond its role as a digital currency.

3. Evaluate the potential benefits and challenges associated with Bitcoin’s applications.

4. Explore the impact of Bitcoin on traditional financial systems and global economies.

5. Discuss the role of Bitcoin in promoting financial inclusion and empowering underserved communities.

6. Examine the influence of Bitcoin on technological advancements and innovation.

7. Investigate the potential implications of Bitcoin for governance and decentralized systems.

8. Analyze the social impact of Bitcoin and its potential to address societal challenges.

9. Critically assess the risks and limitations associated with Bitcoin’s use cases.

10. Synthesize knowledge to envision future scenarios and the transformative potential of Bitcoin.